Friends of Lafrowda

If you think Lafrowda is a pretty good thing and you like the parades, the music, the festival week and the year-round events…
Then, why not become a Friend of Lafrowda? Lafrowda costs about £30,000 a year and depends on year-long fundraising, collecting bottles, the sale of programme ads, stalls, wonderful sponsors, FEAST Cornwall, St Just Town Council and YOU! 

For a donation of £10, you will become a Friend of Lafrowda and know you are doing your part to help the festival continue. As a show of appreciation for all of our new friends you will receive an amazing “Friend of Lafrowda” pin badge as well as a shout out next year’s program and on our website. We promise not to share your personal information with third parties, we will keep it secure and you are able to look at and amend the information we hold about you at any time by contacting

To become a Friend of Lafrowda, fill out the form to the right, hand it in at the Info desk on Lafrowda Day with your £10 and you will be able to show off
your friend of Lafrowda badge with pride.

Look at all of our friends!

We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have embraced the spirit of community by becoming a “friend” to support Lafrowda, our cherished local festival. Your generosity ensures that this vibrant celebration of arts, culture, and togetherness continues to thrive, enriching the lives of everyone in our community. Your commitment not only sustains the festival but also fosters a sense of belonging and shared joy that defines our town. Thank you for being an integral part of making Lafrowda a resounding success year after year.