Lafrowda 2024 is....

Lafrowda festival begins on July 14th and contiunes on through the week unti we end the festival with Lafrowda day itself on July 20th!

Our theme this year is “Going Underground”

👷 So, there’s Miners and all the stories and images associated with our local heritage.

🦡 But also…. What grows or lives underground? Potatoes, moles, badgers, worms, mushrooms, roots of trees. The Wombles!

🚇 There’s underground trains and underground cities. Underground resistance, movements and underground culture – Cabaret, Berlin, Punk.

🧌 There’s the Goblins of Moria in Middle Earth. The tunnels of The Great Escape. Hiding from The Law or persecution. District 13.

How will you interpret Going Underground?

There’s plenty of root vegetable food for thought or rabbit holes to go down, watch out for workshops and events – Fundraising starts NOW!

A little snippit into what went on in 2023